Whatever your inventory, retail challenge, or  store size, RMS has the right  solutions for you.

Microsoft Retail Management System Store Operations is recognized worldwide as a software solution that handles every POS and management challenge. It expedites checkouts and every back-office task, shows you new ways to market, promote and sell, scales up smoothly for expansion and e-commerce, and cuts your POS system and operating costs.

You want a stable and reliable retail system that will grow with your business and encourage that growth. Microsoft Retail Management Store Operations gives you hallmark technological advancements you expect in a stable, reliable environment. And it's backed by award-winning training and support.

Store Operations is designed to run on any PC-compatible system under Microsoft Windows® XP  Pro or Vista Professional. One central design goal for Store Operations is to make the software scalable and extensible. It relies on Windows DNA and Microsoft SQL Server™ as framework and the architecture for scalability. SQL Server easily scales from desktop to enterprise server to accommodate a database of any size

You can build more efficiency into your retail business by switching from electronic cash registers or outmoded paper-based systems to PC-based solutions. By combining the power of Microsoft Business Solutions Retail Management System  you have a comprehensive point-of-sale and retail management system network previously available only to larger retailers. And you don't need a degree in computer science to get these solutions deployed and working for you.

Microsoft Store Operations -New marketing opportunities flash by every day. Today's customers want more SKUs, personalized service and connected convenience. Perennial chores of inventory management, purchasing and pricing must be streamlined to find time for new tasks. Data exchange with customers, suppliers and other systems must work first time, every time, anytime.

See, manage, price and control inventories across multiple locations. Make informed decisions with real-time data. Maintain a unified view of each customer—whatever the sales channel. Connected solutions let information flow to customers, business partners and employees. You streamline operations to make your enterprise more nimble, responsive and productive. Close the loop on customers to build more dynamic, lasting relationships.

As dramatically as the retail world has changed in the last two decades, and as competitive as it has become, the retail world of tomorrow will be even more of a quantum leap, say retail marketing experts. Those who prepare best for the industry and market changes will be the survivors.

The right technology can help your business thrive by enabling you to work smarter with fewer resources. "It can enable them to be a little more creative, a lot more efficient, and a lot less sweaty," says Paula Rosenblum, research director for Boston-based AMR Research and a veteran of specialty retailing.

"In any retailing format imaginable, you have competition coming at you. So you'd better get a handle on what your organization can do, from an efficiency and customer-management standpoint. Technology can help," says Jeff Roster, senior retail analyst at Gartner.

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