Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009—flexible and scalable retail store management to help your retail business succeed

Success in your retail business requires that you have retail store management tools that work for any situation and help you to respond quickly to changes in your business. Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 provides better insight into your business, helping you to improve customer satisfaction, empower your employees to make better decisions, respond to changing business situations, and lower your IT costs.

Familiar to your people

Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 provides your employees with a familiar Microsoft software experience. Because your employees get up to speed quickly, they can concentrate on excellent customer service. You get improved employee productivity with a role-based user experience that provides employees with the information to make better decisions and to help lower costs.

Fits with your systems

Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 helps you improve retail store operations from the point of sale to your supply chain relationships. Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 works with your existing Microsoft business products to enhance information-sharing, and scales to meet future needs. And because it's familiar, easy to use, and fits with existing systems and Microsoft technologies, you can reduce IT costs, maximizing your IT investment.

Fuels productivity

Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 automates processes and adapts to your specific retail business. Your employees are free to be more productive and focus on customers. And you can enhance customer loyalty by providing unique shopping experiences, including multichannel retailing, mobility, and flexible payment options.

Enables informed decision-making

Your business changes quickly. With Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009, you can respond quickly with the insight you and your employees need to make decisions confidently. And with greater visibility into inventory management, trends, and employee productivity, you can maximize business success.